Moneywise Financial Advisers Ltd

Moneywise Financial Advisers Ltd are no longer authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority meaning they can no longer provide regulated products or services. However, before this change of status, the FCA had placed restrictions on the firm regarding pension switches and transfers, suggesting they had concerns with how they conducted business relating to pension advice.

Pension mis-selling occurs when an adviser recommends investments that are unsuitable for the client, for example high risk, unregulated investments. That’s why an adviser should check that:

  • You understand and are comfortable with the risks involved
  • You understand how the investment works
  • You are a sophisticated investor, with knowledge and experience of investing

If you received advice from Moneywise Financial Advisers Ltd and are worried about it, talk to one of our UK based Claim Handling Team who are experienced in assessing whether the advice you received was suitable or negligent and if you can pursue a claim for compensation.

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