Pengwern Wealth Management LLP

Pengwern Wealth Management LLP made headlines when the FCA imposed restrictions on them regarding the advice they gave clients to invest in High Risk and Unregulated Investments through their SIPP pensions. They are no longer authorised and the company dissolved in 2014.

High Risk and Unregulated Investments are not suitable for the average investor and are not covered by the FCA should things go wrong.

A regulated adviser must adhere to certain criteria in order to be regulated and due diligence – checking the recommendations they make are suitable – is a big one. If they failed to do so, this could be mis-selling and you may be entitled to compensation as a result.

If you are concerned about the advice you may have received from Pengwern Wealth Management LLP then you can speak to one of our UK based Claim Handling Team who are experienced in assessing whether the advice you received was suitable or negligent and if you can pursue a claim for compensation.

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