Foreman Financial Services Ltd (GraingerCo)

In October 2017, GraingerCo, a trading style of Foreman Financial Services Ltd, who were based in Tunbridge Wells, lost their authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority.

This meant they were no longer authorised to carry out regulated activities, especially providing financial advice.The company also placed a notice on their website to say they had permanently ceased trading.

SIPP Complaints

Previous complaints against Foreman Financial Services Ltd (GraingerCo), which have been upheld by the Financial Ombudsman Service, related to unsuitable advice given to invest in high-risk property investments, through SIPPs.

One notable investment was the Greyfriars Portfolio Six – a somewhat controversial investment portfolio linked to many mis-selling claims. This is due to the high-risk unregulated investments within it and the fact that it was marketed at clients who were not suitable for these products.

Poor or negligent financial advice is one the most common causes of pension mis-selling. Whether it’s a pension transfer or exposure to unsuitable investment products if you are worried about the advice you received from Foreman Financial Services Ltd we may be able to help.

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