High Point Trustees / Citadel Trustees

If you received advice from High Point Trustees, you may want to check if you should be claiming compensation for mis-selling.

High Point Trustees were established in 2007 and based in London.

They were previously known as Citadel Trustees until they changed their name in 2014 to Highpoint Trustees.

They were declared in default by the FSCS in May 2021 after several months of investigations, which are still ongoing.

The FSCS usually declares a firm in default when they are satisfied the firm is unable to pay claims for compensation made against it.

FSCS Claims against Highpoint Trustees

There are 270 FSCS Claims against Highpoint Trustees, according to reports.

In a statement in September 2020, the FSCS said: “This is a complex area and we are working closely with our legal team, the firm’s administrators and other third parties, to establish what regulated activity may be protected by FSCS and what levels of due diligence the Firm carried out.”

They confirmed in February this year they were in the final stages of their investigations and were assessing sample claims.

High-risk Investments connected to Highpoint Trustee Claims

According to the FSCS, the Claims made against Highpoint Trustees/Citadel relate to a failure to carry out sufficient due diligence.

This is in respect of non-standard investments for which they acted either as trustee or escrow agent. These investments include:

There were also reports that Citadel Trustees were connected to a Carbon Credit scheme that was sold by an investment company called Diffraction Limited. Diffraction Limited were forced to close by the high court for “making false claims” to investors.

What is pension and investment mis-selling?

Pensions and investment mis-selling is largely based on suitability and due diligence. The financial product being recommended must be suitable for the customer.

This is based on factors such as understanding of how the product works, attitude to risk, as well as the investment itself.

All FCA regulated companies, such as Advisers, Pension Providers and Trustees, are subject to strict guidelines and rules.  If they don’t stick to them, not only could they be exposing their clients to unsuitable risk, but this may be mis-selling.

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Key Facts

High Point Trustees were declared in default by the FSCS in May 2021 after several months of investigations
Claims made against Highpoint Trustees/Citadel relate to due diligence in respect of non-standard investments which include Global Forestry Investments and Sustainable AgroEnergy

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