Portal Financial Services LLP / Portafina

Did you receive advice from Portal Financial Services LLP / Portafina?  You may want to check if you should be claiming compensation for mis-selling.

Portal Financial Services LLP are a financial advice firm, established in 2009 and based in London. They have also traded as Portafina LLP.


FCA Permissions Cancelled

According to the FCA register Portal Financial Services applied to have its FCA permissions cancelled on June 18th 2021.

It’s also been reported that some clients had received a letter from platform company Novia informing them that “Portal Financial Services is no longer authorised as an advice firm”

The firm is still authorised according to the FCA register.


Unsuitable Advice Complaints

Unsuitable advice complaints have been made against Portal Financial Services (Portafina). The Financial Ombudsman Service has upheld 22 of these since March this year.

Most of these complaints relate to the advice given to transfer from defined benefit (DB) occupational pension schemes into SIPPs.

They also involve transferring funds into UCIS – Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes – which were not suitable investment options for these clients.

Many of these cases also mention clients being introduced to Portafina by a 3rd party, who was an appointed representative of another regulated company. The regulated company was authorised to give advice on investments but not pension transfers, like Portafina is.

However, as Portafina advised on transfer they also had a responsibility to check where the funds would be invested to ensure their advice was suitable.

In one decision the FOS said..

“Portafina still had a duty to ensure the overall transaction was suitable, notwithstanding that another regulated firm was going to be involved.”

 The other firms involved were not named but it was said both have since entered liquidation.


Unsuitable Investments

UCIS are usually considered unsuitable investments for people with little investment experience or capacity for loss. They are also classed as high risk so should only be appropriate for clients whose attitude to risk is compatible.

UCIS mentioned in complaints made against Portal include:

  • Brisa Investments
  • Biomass Investments
  • UK Strategic Residential
  • Lakeview UK Holdings
  • Real Estate USA

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Key Facts

Portal Financial Services also traded as Portafina LLP
Portal Financial Services applied to have its FCA permissions cancelled on June 18th 2021

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