Mr W - Store First and Berkeley Burke SIPP

Mr. W transferred his previous Personal Pension to a Berkeley Burke SIPP and invested in Store First (Storage Pods)

We obtained information from the clients current and previous pension schemes as the client did not believe he had received documented advice to transfer his pensions and carried our necessary investigations.

Our investigations identified that Mr. W was cold called by a firm called TPS Land offering to review his pensions.

TPS Land were an unregulated introducer based in Spain and not authorised to provide financial advice however, the firm appeared to be seemingly plausible unfortunately Mr. W was conned by their unscrupulous sales tactics and on their advices transferred his previous Personal Pension to a Berkeley Burke SIPP and invested in Store First (Storage Pods).

We are unable to bring a claim against a firm that is not UK regulated however, we identified a claim against Berkeley Burke SIPP for failing in its due diligence in accepting business from an unregulated firm whom the Financial Conduct Authority had issued a warning about. Also, not carrying out certain checks on the non-standard investments that would hold their customers’ pension funds.

We submitted a claim on Mr. W’s behalf to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) against Berkeley Burke SIPP.

Mr W received a total award of £34,758.81 from the FSCS for the claim made against Berkeley Burke SIPP.

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Key Facts

PARTIES INVOLVED Berkeley Burke / TPS Land
INVESTMENT Store First Storage Pods

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