Claiming on behalf of the deceased

Just because a loved one has passed away, it doesn’t mean that the right to make a claim for them is lost.

Under a little-known rule, families can claim compensation if a financial adviser has given bad advice that results in the loss of savings.

There are a few reasons we may make a claim on behalf of the deceased; it may be that a client has instructed us and during the course of our investigations they have sadly passed away, or it may be that after a person has died and a family member recognises that they had received unsuitable investment advice.

There is often a misconception that the family could not possibly be aware of what happened when the advice was provided and a case would be rejected, but this is not always true.

Who can raise a complaint?

If the deceased had written a will, then the people they named as the executors of their estate will be the people legally entitled to make a claim.

If the deceased died without a will then it will be the responsibility of the nearest relative. Typically, this will be their spouse, parents, siblings or children.

What can you claim for?

You can make a claim for compensation relating to negligent financial advice (pension transfers and investments).

We understand that dealing with a claim on behalf of someone that passed away will be difficult, so we are here to offer our full support.

If you feel that you or a loved one may have suffered losses as a result of negligent financial advice, please feel free to call us for an initial consultation on 0114 266 4216 or fill out the form below and someone will be in touch.


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