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CIB (Life & Pensions)

CIB (Life & Pensions) were a financial advice firm based in Kent.

They entered liquidation in 2015 and the company was dissolved on 1 February 2018.

Complaints against CIB Life and Pensions

The Financial Ombudsman upheld several complaints against CIB Life and pensions.

These involved advice for clients to transfer into SIPPs which contained high-risk investments.

These investments include The Resort Group and Harlequin Property.

CIB is reportedly named on more than 1,000 claims at the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which also mention TRG.


What is Unsuitable Pension Advice?

Unsuitable pension advice is at the heart of most pension mis-selling cases.

It quite often involves advice to transfer from a personal pension into SIPP – Self Invested Personal Pension.



Real SIPP were appointed Representatives of C.I.B Life and Pensions between 2010- and 2015.

They acted as “administrators” of SIPP investment packages, in particular involving The Resort Group.

They are no longer authorised by the FCA and the company dissolved in 2018.

The Resort Group (TRG)

The Resort Group (TRG) is an investment in luxury holiday resorts in Cape Verde. It is considered a high-risk investment and is unsuitable for most SIPP investors.

The Resort Group is unregulated and still trading, so would not qualify for FSCS protection. However, as it was sold by UK regulated advisers, who have since failed, the FSCS has agreed to accept claims.

In October 2021 the FSCS told the FT Adviser that it had received nearly 2.5k claims linked to The Resort Group. And 51 different financial advisers are involved, many of which are no longer trading.

Harlequin Property

The Harlequin Property scheme was an investment venture to build over 6000 hotel and rental properties in the Caribbean and other locations.

An estimated £400m was put in by 6000 investors, the large majority of which came through investors with SIPPS.

However, it’s been reported that only 300 of the proposed properties were actually built.

The FOS upheld a complaint against CIB Life and Pensions for allowing a client to invest in Harlequin Property. The investment was not suitable for the client.

Rowanmoor SIPP

According to the Financial Ombudsman Service, Rowanmoor had received 1,387 introductions from CIB Life and Pensions.

This accounted for over 25% of all Rowanmoor’s business between 2009 and 2013.

A quarter of these cases involved occupational pension transfers.

According to reports the FOS was currently handling 886 complaints against Rowanmoor that involve due diligence. Of which, 548 involve The Resort Group.

Rowanmoor was ordered to pay compensation in a recent FOS “sample case”  which centred around due diligence.

According to the decision, the Ombudsman found that Rowanmoor had failed to verify the integrity of an introducer firm – CIB Life and Pensions.


London & Colonial Services Limited

London & Colonial Services Limited is a pension provider. It was bought by the STM group in 2016. STM also bought a major stake in Carey Pensions, now known as Options Pensions.

Some clients were invited to pension presentation in London by The Resort Group.

They were then referred to Real SIPP, CIB Life and Pensions and London & Colonial as part of a transfer package.

This allowed clients to invest in The Resort Group via a SIPP with London & Colonial.

The BAD news:

Unsuitable Pension advice has caused huge losses

The GOOD news:

Compensation payments are hitting record figures every year

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