Greyfriars Asset Management LLP

The FCA requested Greyfriars Asset Management LLP stop adding new money into its DFM Portfolios, in particular Portfolio Six.
​The FCA register states they must ‘Cease managing investments regulated activity in respect of new money, this includes: A) ‘cease accepting any new money into the Greyfriars Asset Management Portfolio Six on a permanent basis…’.

​Whilst details of why this occurred are not clear, it sheds a bit more light on some of the investments in Portfolio Six, which include high-risk ventures such as Lanner Car Parks, The Olmstead Series and The Resort Group.

A Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM) has a duty to make sure they match the investments in your portfolio with your attitude to risk – i.e. if you are comfortable with a high level of risk and can afford to lose money should it not pay off – then high-risk investments could be suitable and could bring great benefits if they pay off.

But that’s a gamble and if you can’t afford to take a loss, then these types of investments are not suitable and if you’ve been given bad investment advice and ended up in high-risk investments which aren’t suitable for you – you could make a claim for compensation against that advice.

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