Investment Mis-selling

What is Investment Mis-selling?

Investment mis-selling can take on many forms, but it basically centres around the advice you received regarding an investment product.

Well-known high street banks and building societies, as well as financial advisers, have in some cases mis-sold investment products to their clients.

All investments carry risks and the potential to make and lose money. However, if the advice you were given was unsuitable it could be investment mis-selling.


What is Unsuitable Investment Advice?

Unsuitable investment advice may mean you’ve been sold an investment product that wasn’t right for you or wasn’t exactly what you were told it would be.

For an investment to be right for you it must match your needs, circumstances and level of risk. This should have been properly assessed before you agreed to invest.

Some people who have been mis-sold have said they felt pressured to make the investment and in some cases, were told there would be guaranteed returns or that their money would be safe.

If you felt pressured or were misled in any way about the investment product, this may also be mis-selling.


How can I tell if I’ve received unsuitable advice?

Many people have received unsuitable investment advice from their high street bank, building society or financial adviser without realising it.

Most people begin to think something isn’t right when they see their investment lose unexpected value or there’s an unexpected charge.

Here is a list of common questions which may indicate investment mis-selling has happened. If you answer NO to any of these then you may have been mis-sold your investment

Was it clearly explained to you how the investment product worked, and did you fully understand it?

Were the risks properly explained to you?

Were you made fully aware that you may lose money at the end of the investment period?

Were you made aware of the terms of the investment such as, any annual management charges or penalties for coming out of the investment earlier than agreed?

Were you asked about how much risk you wanted to take and what you wanted the returns for i.e retirement fund?

Were you advised about any alternatives to the investment?

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