Elysian Fuels

If you received advice to invest in Elysian Fuels you may want to check if you should be claiming compensation

Elysian Fuels was an investment scheme in renewable and sustainable energy. 

Future Capital Partners

It was promoted by Future Capital Partners Limited and many clients invested as part of their SIPP.  Providers Rowanmoor and James Hay are known to have had this investment in some of their SIPPs. 

Unsuitable Investment 

Elysian Fuels was reported to have taken £200m in investment, £180m of which came from SIPP investors.

Unfortunately, being a high-risk, unregulated scheme meant it was an unsuitable investment for most SIPP clients. 

Many clients who did invest in the scheme also faced uncertainty regarding HMRC liabilities for unauthorised pension withdrawal. 

Vanguard Wealth Management 

One notable adviser involved with Elysian Fuels is Vanguard Wealth Management. In October 2020 the FCA banned two of the directors of Vanguard for making false declarations about their clients to James Hay. 

They inflated some clients’ valuation information so they would be classed as “high-net worth individuals” making them eligible to invest in Elysian Fuels through James Hay SIPPs. 

Vanguard reportedly earned nearly half a million pounds in commission and fees for advising clients into Elysian Fuels. The company is no longer authorised by the FCA and currently in liquidation. 

Financial Advice and SIPP mis-selling

Whilst this shows the extremes of negligent financial advice, in many mis-selling cases, the advice people received regarding their pension was simply unsuitable. 

Unsuitable Financial Advice is one the main reasons people are now claiming compensation for SIPP mis-selling.

Latest on Elysian Fuels

In 2016 shares in Elysian Fuels were valued at nil. The majority of the Elysian Fuels LLPs and PLCs have now been dissolved or are in liquidation. 

Future Capital Partners is no longer authorised by the FCA and currently in liquidation.  

Can I claim compensation for investing in Elysian Fuels?

Elysian Fuels was not regulated by the FCA which means it is not covered by the FSCS for compensation.

However, depending on how you were invested and what advice you received to invest, you may still be able to claim compensation for mis-selling. 

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Key Facts

Elysian Fuels was a high risk, unregulated investment that was unsuitable for most SIPP investors
James Hay and Rowanmoor had Elysian Fuels in some of their SIPPs
You may be able to claim compensation for mis-sold financial advice

We win more than 9 out of 10 claims

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