Hydrology Plc Water Bonds

Hydrology PLC was formed in 2013 and was previously known as Water Bonds PLC and Nexus Water Bonds.

It was an investment venture into financing and developing commercial water facilities.

Raising capital from investors by issuing debenture stock on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. Debenture bonds are unsecured bonds, meaning there are no assets tied to them. They are usually used by companies to raise funds for projects, with the aim to pay investors a generous return through future profits.


Two projects were undertaken in Brazil and the US, unfortunately, just as the demand for commercial water treatment and disposal facilities hit a decline. This combined with reported legal disputes and cash flow issues led to problems with paying the debenture interest to investors.

Hydrology were suspended from trading on the Cyprus Stock Exchange and entered administration in 2017. They are currently in liquidation.

Unsuitability and Mis-selling

This type of investment is classified as high-risk and therefore only suitable for investors who meet the high-risk criteria. They are also not regulated by the FCA meaning no protection or access to compensation schemes like the FOS or FSCS.

Unfortunately, this has not prevented people who are not suitable for this investment ending up in it anyway as a result of clever marketing tactics, poor financial advice or lack of due diligence.

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