NHS Pension Transfers

Final salary pensions like your NHS scheme are often seen as ‘gold plated’ pension deals. 

This is because final salary pensions give you a guaranteed income when you come to retire, which often rises with inflation each year and pays attractive death benefits (such as a pension to your surviving spouse).

These kind of deals are really expensive to replicate if you have a defined contribution pension, which sees you save into a ‘pot’ which is invested and then you decide how to take an income from it.

To get a guaranteed, inflation-linked income with a defined contribution pension, you would need to buy an annuity

A recent freedom of information request by the Health Service Journal found that almost a quarter of a million NHS staff (245,561) opted out of the NHS pension scheme in the past three years.

While there are some circumstances in which an NHS Pension transfer might be considered suitable, many transfers will have been unsuitable and unfortunately, this negligent advice may have left pension holder worse off.

 We can look into the circumstances that lead to your NHS Pension Transfer free of charge for you, you will only pay a fee if we are successful in helping you win compensation. 

How do I know if I've been Mis-sold?
  • You received a cold-call offering a free Pension Review which advised you to transfer your pension.
  • You weren’t given the full range of options.
  • You weren’t asked about your personal circumstances.
  • You were advised to invest in high-risk ventures such as Store Pods, Car Parks, Farmland & Overseas Property.
  • You are aged 55 and over and cannot access your pension money because you cannot sell the SIPP investment.
How do I start my claim?

Our claims process is straightforward. You get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation (or arrange a time for us to call you).

Once we have all the information we need and you have given us the go ahead, we will begin our investigation and your journey to compensation.

What are your fees?

We’re proud to say that our fees are amongst the lowest in the industry and are charged at 18% (That’s 15% + VAT).

What is your success rate?
Since launching in 2015, we have lost only one case, our success rate is amongst the highest in the claims management industry and is currently 99.9%

Ready to make a claim?

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