Hartley Pensions

Hartley Pensions acquired the SIPP business of several providers whose SIPPs were linked to mis-selling complaints.

Hartley Pensions provide financial services, including administering SIPPs.

They were previously known as Hartley Lifetime Pensions Limited and joined the Wilton Group in 2016.

The Wilton Group also provides financial services and was founded by the Director of Hartley Pensions.

Failed SIPP Providers 

In the last few years Hartley Pensions has purchased the SIPP business of several failed SIPP Providers. These include:

Lifetime SIPP

The Lifetime SIPP Company Ltd went into administration in 2018 reportedly due to the volume of complaints made against them.

Many of these complaints involved SIPP investors’ exposure to unsuitable high-risk investments such as:

  • Ethical Forestry
  • InvestUS
  • The Resort Group
  • Harlequin Property

Guardian – GPC SIPP Ltd

GPC SIPP Ltd went into administration in as a result of some of the failed investments associated with its SIPPs. These include;

  • Harlequin Property
  • Ethical Forestry
  • Harmony Bay
  • InvestUS
  • The Resort Group

Guinness Mahon 

Guinness Mahon Trust Corporation Ltd entered into administration in Feb 2020. 

They had received complaints regarding historic high-risk investment and the due diligence carried out before accepting these investments into client SIPPs.

These high-risk investments included; 

  • AIGO funds 
  • Ethical Forestry 

Berkeley Burke 

Berkeley Burke SIPP Administration Ltd went into administration in September 2019.

Some of the high-risk investments linked with Berkeley Burke SIPPs are:

  • Store First Storage Pods
  • GAS Verdant Australian Farmland
  • InvestUS – US property
  • Harlequin Property

Greyfriars Asset Management 

Greyfriars Asset Management went into administration in October 2018. 

Their Portfolio Six contained unregulated, high-risk investments which were unsuitably marketed to investors. These included;

  • Lanner Car Parks 
  • The Resort Group

What is SIPP mis-selling?

SIPP mis-selling basically means you have been sold a product that wasn’t right for you or wasn’t what you were told it would be. This could be as a result of unsuitable/negligent financial advice or the suitability of the investments in the SIPP.

If you have been mis-sold your SIPP you may be eligible for compensation.

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Whilst each case is individual, as mis-selling specialists we know to look for certain signs that in our experience indicate that mis-selling may have happened.

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Key Facts

Hartley Pensions acquired the SIPP business of failed Providers... The Lifetime SIPP Company - GPC SIPP Ltd - Berkeley Burke - Guinness Mahon and Greyfriars SIPP
These providers had investments in some of their SIPPs which were not suitable for some of the clients who were advised to invest in them

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