Pointon York Limited

If you received advice to transfer into the Pointon York SIPP, you may want to check if you should be claiming compensation for mis-selling

Pointon York Ltd, formerly known as Pointon York SIPP Solutions Ltd, were considered one of the original SIPP providers having launched their first SIPP product in 1990.  

In 2014 they sold the SIPP arm of their business to Curtis Banks, which reportedly contained 7,000 SIPPs. Some of these were overseen by Crescent Trustees Ltd, which are part of the Curtis Banks Group.

FCA Restrictions

In 2017 the FCA placed restrictions on their permissions stating;

“With effect from 14 February 2017, Pointon York Ltd may not carry on any of the regulated activities in its Part 4A Permission.”

In 2018 they went into liquidation and are no longer trading or authorised by the FCA. 

Pension Transfer Advice and SIPP Mis-selling

Many clients had received advice from regulated Financial Advisers to transfer their pension into the Pointon York SIPP. Unfortunately for some, the SIPP contained high-risk, non-standard investments; some of which are now are illiquid meaning they cannot be sold or traded. 

In fact, the FSCS have already assessed and paid compensation to clients who had received advice from Advisers, who have also been declared in default. These advisers include BankHouse, Financial Page and Henderson Carter 

Some of the investments connected to Pointon York SIPP are Carbon Credits and Green Oil Plantations. 

Compensation Claims 

The FSCS have now declared Pointon York in default. This is something they do when they are satisfied that there is an eligible claim and that the firm is unable to pay claims for compensation. 

Reports have suggested the FSCS have received over 100 complaints against Pointon York since accepting claims in 2018. There were reportedly problems with establishing valid claims due to the difficulty collecting evidence from 3rd parties relating to Pointon York’s due diligence.

Latest on Pointon York 

However, the latest update from the FSCS says they are now assessing claims relating to the firms due diligence.

SIPP operator due diligence and whether they can be held accountable for their part in mis-selling is still an industry hot topic. With high profile court case verdicts differing from ombudsman decisions, sadly there’s still uncertainty for clients seeking proper financial redress.

Regardless of this, if you received unsuitable financial advice, making a complaint against the adviser or firm would be the initial step to make in the claims process. 

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Key Facts

Pointon York SIPPs had high risk investments which are now worthless
Financial Advisers Bankhouse, Financial Page and Henderson Carter advised people into Pointon York SIPP
Pointon York went into Administration in 2018

We win more than 9 out of 10 claims

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