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Gaudi Regulated Services Ltd was an FCA regulated Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP) operator commonly known as Gaudi.

It also operated pension schemes for other firms and provided ‘white label’ SIPPs. These could be branded and modified to suit other firms also referred to as ‘business partners.’

In 2018 Gaudi took on a number of SIPP customers from Greyfriars which also went into administration.

Gaudi entered administration in April 2023 and was previously subject to an “Asset Restriction” by the FCA in 2022.

Shortly before entering administration, it announced it had sold its pension business to SIPP operator – Platform One.

The firm is currently ‘under investigation’ by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Why has Gaudi entered administration?

According to the FCA Gaudi went into administration following the outcome of several complaints made by its clients to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

These complaints were in regard to some of the investments Gaudi allowed within its SIPPs.

The directors “recognised the financial liabilities associated with these decisions and other potential Financial Ombudsman decisions”

After seeking insolvency advice which concluded that the firm was insolvent, the board placed the company in administration.

FSCS Claims against Gaudi Regulated Services Ltd

The FSCS placed Gaudi ‘under investigation’ on 26 April 2023. It is accepting claims from clients but has yet to declare the firm in default/failed.

This is because it is still investigating to establish if there are claims that are eligible under its rules which mean clients can receive compensation.

In April 2023 it advised clients that it anticipated this would be a complex investigation. This was due to a number of business partners who used Gaudi white labelled SIPPs which would each have to be considered in turn.

At the time the FSCS also said that it believed its investigations were “likely to take us some time”

The latest update issued in June 2024 confirmed its investigations were continuing and that it was liaising with third parties for information to take the investigation forward.

Clients Advised to transfer to a Gaudi SIPP

Some cases involving Gaudi may also involve other FCA authorised parties, such as Financial Advisers and DFM (Discretionary Fund Managers).

These firms may have recommended customers transfer their existing pensions into Gaudi SIPPs.

If this is the case, a claim against these authorised firms would usually be made first.

Have you got a claim against Gaudi?

If you were advised to move your pension funds into a Gaudi SIPP it would be wise to check if you should be making a claim.

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